This is the story of the man behind Highland Grow, Frank MacMaster

When your family roots in farming go back seven generations, you could say local growing is in our blood.

These values have raised a team of people who are proud to wake up early, and put in a hard day’s work to grow a quality product. When your Nova Scotia heritage runs this deep, hometown pride is ingrained in everything we do, it’s a matter-of-fact and a way of life.

In early 2019, Highland shipped its first product to NSLC. The Highland team shared the satisfaction of the fruits of their labours and stood to be judged by their neighbours, the discerning Nova Scotia consumers.

It has been a great success so far with our product selling extremely well.

Our Nova Scotia grown, high-quality product is the culmination of efforts we started five years ago. Our investment in this market was driven by innovation, and resulted in our license to grow cannabis in the province.

The sale of our first crop is a huge moment for us. We have great pride in the continuation of Nova Scotia’s agricultural heritage and the cultivation of these new Agri-Industry opportunities.

Highland will add strains through the biome network of companies including our operations in development at:

Norwich, Ontario

St. George’s, Newfoundland

This means both a broader selection for Nova Scotians, and greater access to markets for Nova Scotia grown cannabis products. Serving Nova Scotia is just the beginning of Highland’s ambitions. Working with BIOME, Highland will create export quality, value-added product while creating careers in the province.

At BIOME, developing sustainable local ecosystems is at the heart of everything we do.