Questions for the Highland Grower Frank MacMaster

Several of our Highland Grow team members participated and we enjoyed getting feedback from NSLC employees. We spoke with about 150 employees over 2 days.

We were really pleased to hear that a lot of consumers were identifying our product as their preference. We take a lot of pride in supplying quality products. Why I heard that a few folks came in asking for “Frankie’s stuff” and that’s when I was sure we were on the right track.

Staff told us that the demand for the product is very strong and that it doesn’t stay on the shelves long.

We got some really good feedback on our strands. Highland Grow constantly strives to meet the expectations of Nova Scotia consumers. We will have new products to offer in the near future that we expect will also be well received.

Yes, we have received a lot of good feedback about using less packaging. Highland Grow and our entire Biome group are deeply conscious of the environmental and social impact that we make.

That never changes really for us at Highland Grow because meeting the expectations of Nova Scotians is the big challenge that keeps us focused. We heard good things about our products and we are determined to do even better in the future.