When your family roots in farming go back seven generations, you could say local growing is in our blood. These values have raised a team of people who are proud to wake up early, and put in a hard day’s work to grow a quality product. When your Nova Scotia heritage runs this deep, hometown pride is ingrained in everything we do, it’s a matter-of-fact and a way of life.

White Russian

White Russian owes its genetic lineage to a cross between the strains White Widow and AK47, and provides a balance of both Sativa-like and Indica-like properties.

The dried flowers have both light and dark green leaves and flowers with pronounced orange hairs with lots of sticky green and white resin. It has a powerful fragrance and its taste has notes of citrus, spice, and earth.

Sensi Star

Sensi Star possesses mostly Indica genetics, presenting with nice sticky, resinous and compact buds with a dark-green and purple tones.

It has a classic Indica fragrance with notes of citrus, sweet and earth.

All Kush

All-Kush is bred from classic hash-plant genetics, providing strong Indica-Dominant effects.

It presents a mix of uplifting cerebral elements and pleasant relaxation. It has a sweet, spicy, and herbal taste.

Sweet Tartan

Sweet Tartan is an Indica-dominant hybrid that has a smooth, creamy taste like a frozen treat.

It’s dense and resinous buds have a fragrance and sweet taste of vanilla and pineapple.


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